VDCCN Webinar 26 October 2023: Hog Deer

Events | September 26, 2023
The next VDCCN webinar will be by popular choice on Hog Deer. 

We will hear about:
•                 The history, distribution and growth of Hog Deer in Victoria.
•                 Why are they valued and have special protection status.
•                 The regulations around Hog Deer take.
•                 Public and private reserves that protect Hog Deer.
•                 Their impacts on public and private land. 
•                 How can landowners control the impacts Hog Deer.
•                 Hog Deer in Wilson’s Promontory NP: what is the plan?


Date: Thursday 26 October
Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm
Place: Zoom online; click on the button below to call in.

If you need it; Meeting ID: 962 8740 8961

The Agenda
5.00 pm Johannes Wenzel: Chair VDCCN. Introduction:

5.05 pm  Simon Toop: Director Strategy and Research, Game Management Authority. Hog Deer In Victoria; History, distribution, research, ecology, impacts, legal status and control options for private land owners

5.25 pm  Barry Howlett: Communications Manager, SSAA Vic. Hog Deer Management: A hunter’s perspective. Sunday and Snake Island management and the ballot process.

5.35 pm Ben Fahey: Parks Victoria. Hog Deer Control Program. Wilson’s Promontory National Park. 5.45 pm Questions. 6.00 pm finish

Please mute when you join and unmute for questions only..

Any queries please give me a call.

Look forward to talking then,


Peter Jacobs.
VDCCN Executive Officer, and
Victorian Deer Project Officer.
Invasive Species Council.
[email protected]
0487 295198