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The Victorian Deer Control Community Network (VDCCN) provides a state-wide forum to share information, experiences and collectively seek solutions to substantially reduce the impact and distribution of feral deer in Victoria.  There are three key ways to get involved:

Become a member

Membership of the VDCCN is open to all individuals and organisations that are concerned about, directly affected by, or are carrying out control programs or research related to feral deer impacts in Victoria and align with the purpose of the VDCCN.


To develop effective programs to reduce the impact of feral deer in Victoria it is vital to know more about where deer are present, which species and their impact.  This information contributes to a better understanding of the population and spread and informs the development of control programs.

The Victorian Deer Control Community Network (VDCCN) aims to share information on deer control including projects that are running around Victoria and other matters of interest.