East Victoria Deer Control Plan 2023-2028


The State of Victoria Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action


The East Victoria Deer Control Plan (the Plan) is one of three Regional Deer Control Plans developed under the Victorian Deer Control Strategy (VDCS) by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA), complementing the Peri-urban Deer Control Plan 2021-2026 and West Victoria Deer Control Plan 2023-2028. Collectively, these plans support implementation of the Victorian Government’s deer control program in partnership with community, including representative groups and organisations, Traditional Owners, industry, local and federal government.

The purpose of the Plan is to guide deer control and management actions in eastern Victoria from 2023-2028 by identifying priority areas to prevent or minimise the impact of deer on our environmental, cultural, social, and economic values. The Plan does not prescribe detailed site-specific control measures. These will be developed and implemented collaboratively between agencies, First Nations and community partners identified within the Plan.

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