Glovebox guide to managing feral deer


Centre for Invasive Species Solutions.

David Forsyth, Sebastien Comte, Andrew Bengsen, Jordan Hampton, Tony Pople.


This Glovebox Guide to Managing Feral Deer is a practical resource designed to assist Australian land managers (farmers, public land managers and Indigenous groups) to manage the impacts of feral deer.

A large part of tackling a deer problem depends on your awareness of the situation, and being informed on how best to reduce their undesirable impacts.

This guide aims to:

1. increase your understanding of where and how deer live

2. outline your options for control, and their benefits and potential constraints

3. summarise monitoring and management strategies/ techniques you could implement

4. help you develop a cost-effective deer management plan. The guide is structured to help you understand feral deer, their impacts and behaviours; then plan, manage and improve a control program.

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