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Membership of the VDCCN is open to all individuals and organisations that are concerned about, directly affected by or are carrying out control programs or research related to feral deer impacts in Victoria and align with the purpose of the VDCCN.

The strength and influence of the VDCCN is only as strong as its membership so we encourage anyone interested in the control of feral deer impacts to join and contribute.  Its free and rewarding.

The benefit to you as a member is to make connections with people with similar concerns about the impact of feral deer and learn from others how best to address your issues.

The benefit to the community from your involvement is building a network that will raise awareness, support solutions and positively influence government policy, to work towards reducing the impact and distribution of feral deer in Victoria.

The Terms of Reference for the VDCCN can be viewed here: It is important to read these before joining.

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Information on the membership tiers is available in our The VDCCN Terms of Reference


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