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The impact of feral deer provides economic, environmental and social challenges right across the community, whether you are a large landowner neighbouring forested public land, a landcare group restoring land or have a garden on a peri-urban area.


This section is designed to discuss potential solutions to living with deer. The VDCCN does not endorse or favour any particular supplier, contractor or product. This is simply a list of tools and options available. It is not comprehensive and will be built on further over time.

Information on ground and aerial shooting and lists organisations and providers to contact for further information.


Information on a number of non-lethal control methods including deterrents, fencing, removing water sources and harbour, and tree guards.


Information on establishing deer control community networks and collaborating community knowledge.

More information

Public land

Public land managers in Victoria run a range of feral deer control programs and there are several government officers that focus on deer control.

If you have concerns about the impact of feral deer on public land or from feral deer coming onto your property from public land and want to discuss collaborative programs contact:

Rural Land

Catchment Management Authorities take a catchment-wide and cross tenure approach to catchment health and many are involved in feral deer control.  Many Landcare groups also take an active interest in feral deer impact on their areas.

Your local Catchment Management Authority or Landcare group may be able to assist so it’s worth making contact with them and encouraging action.

Catchment Management Authority contacts:

Landcare contacts