Feral Deer Control Kit for Victoria

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Feral deer are becoming an increasing problem on private land impacting agricultural production, gardens and native biodiversity and increasingly a road safety risk.

To assist landowners to manage deer on their land, the Victorian Deer Control Community Network (VDCCN) has developed this kit as a guide to provide the community with more information about feral deer and control options for a range of property types.

How to use this guide

Feral deer control is a complex topic and not all information may be relevant to your situation, but it is important to be familiar with laws and regulations.

Follow the Flow Chart below and click on links to assist you in deciding on the best options for your situation and develop a deer management plan for your property. Alternatively, you can browse the kit via the navigation menu at the top of each page.

You can refer to the Information resources section for links to external websites for further detailed information on a range of deer control topics.

How was this kit developed?

This kit was initially developed by the Upper Ovens Valley Landcare Group (UOVLG) for the Upper Ovens Valley region and north eastern Victoria, funded through a Victorian Landcare Grant auspiced by the North East Catchment Management Authority. The initial content was developed by ABZECO (Applied Botany, Zoology and Ecological Consulting).

The VDCCN has now adapted the UOVLG kit for Statewide application. The VDCCN thanks the UOVLG for their willingness to allow their kit to provide a basis for Victoria wide application.

Keeping the kit up to date

The information in this deer kit was sourced from publicly available online resources at the time of preparation. This is a live document that can be updated as new information becomes available e.g. new fencing businesses that specialize in deer fencing, new control methods, local case studies. The content of this guide will be updated as new information becomes available. The VDCCN welcomes any contributions They can be emailed to [email protected]