Survey of Landowners in North East Victoria

News | April 27, 2022

The Invasive Species Council is surveying people across Victoria to determine their views on the impact of feral deer, targeting landowners in particular.  The survey ran recently for North East Victoria and will shortly expand to take in the whole of Victoria. The results will be used to better understand community attitudes about, and the impacts of, feral deer.

The respondents reported that the following five issues are most important to them.

  1. Feral deer damage native bush, including by preventing regeneration (93.7%).
  2. Feral deer should be classed as a pest species by the Victorian Government (89.5%).
  3. The Victorian Government should do all they can to eliminate deer from conservation areas such as state and national parks (88.3%).
  4. Potential for damage to vehicles as a result of collisions with deer (87.4%). 
  5. Potential for injury when travelling in a vehicle from collisions with deer (87.3%).

Over half of respondents reported an economic cost of feral deer, the highest being damage to fencing. The total reported economic cost to respondents attributed to feral deer in the last 3 year period was $979,570. This averages to be $12,245 per landowner or about $4000 per year.

A full report will be available when the survey is complete. If you have any further queries contact Peter Jacobs by email [email protected]