Landcare and Community

Chum Creek Landcare

Chum Creek Landcare has conducted a culling program over the last two years.  It involved 8 properties in Chum Creek and they hired a professional shooter.  Last year they culled 12 and this year, 13.  

Upper Ovens Landcare

Living with Deer Project: Funded from Landcare Vic Program, ($16,000). The aim is to raise awareness and provide advice on how to manage deer on properties and what actions can be taken including how to prepare a property based management plan and work with neighbours. It will include running a forum and developing a kit and video.

South Gippsland Landcare Network 

South Gippsland Deer Action Group:  To raise awareness of the impacts of deer and facilitate control of deer in South Gippsland through an action learning approach. On-ground control activity for winter 2022 will initially be focused on two clusters on the Prom Coast between Venus Bay and Mt Best, near Corner Inlet (Southern Victoria). Learnings from this will hopefully be adopted in other parts of South Gippsland.      

East Gippsland Landcare Network

 ‘Proactive on Pests’ has a key focus on deer exclusion fencing to protect high-value native vegetation from deer impacts. More info to come.

Upper Murray Landcare Network

Living with Deer: Working with farmers and other landowners on deer control solutions including an annual forum. This has been running for some years. 

Harrietville Forum

Harrietville’s Living with Deer project acknowledges shooting as a management option but will examine other ways to live sustainably and pragmatically with deer. The first two stages of the project aim to better understand the impact of deer on communities, as well as learn more about the species. Community members will then establish action groups to target specific issues, such as road safety and the environment. Harrietville is not the first community to lead action on deer issues, but the major collaborative effort of the project could be used as a future template for similar communities.

Labertouche Landcare

The Labertouche Landcare ( pest animal team ) commenced in 2018 and currently has 21 members.  

The team is very active and despite Covid19 restrictions on activities they culled 35 Deer, along with foxes, pigs and rabbits in 2020/2021.


Community groups also have increased costs associated with protecting land restoration works and plantings from feral deer: this is difficult to measure across several projects.