Fighting plagues and predators

News | March 2, 2022

A new report, Fighting plagues and predators: Australia’s path to a pest and weed-free future, says Australia is in the grip of an unprecedented attack on its native wildlife and environment from invasive species, with experts warning more of our unique flora and fauna is in danger of disappearing by 2050 unless urgent action is taken.

It reports that over eight in 10 nationally-listed threatened species are endangered by invasive species.

It highlights a looming wave of new extinctions and outlines two futures for Australia, one based on an unsustainable ‘business as usual’ approach and the other on implementing targeted actions that will help save our unique biodiversity

Launched by Australia’s national science agency the CSIRO and the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions (CISS), the report highlights the need for emerging biosecurity technologies to be fast tracked and for the urgent development of new techniques to prevent, eradicate and control invasive pests.